S.O.S PRO - Professional Treatment

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Welcome to the hair revolution for high-end salons! Our Premium Treatment Line has been meticulously developed to transform rubbery and chemically treated hair, promoting instant and deep restoration.


Experience the touch of innovation with our exclusive S.O.S PRO Technology. Hair regains its vitality, becoming incredibly soft and renewed. With a powerful combination of proteins and amino acids, we restore the lost cortical mass, acting and repairing the strands from the inside out, ensuring fast and lasting results.

Equilibrium Shampoo

GENTLE CLEANSING, INTENSE STRENGTHENING: Purify your strands with Equilibrium Shampoo! It not only cleans, but also strengthens each hair strand, combating free radicals and providing visible rejuvenation.

  • Synergistic Actives: Grape Seed Oil, Fiotex, Avocado Oil.
  • How to Use: Apply to wet hair, massage until foam is created and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

Strength and Flexibility Balm

RESILIENCE AND SOFTNESS FOR DAMAGED HAIR: Rediscover the strength and flexibility of your hair with our Balm. It fights breakage and penetrates the deepest layers of the hair fiber, providing intensive nutrition and restoring the radiant health of the strands.

  • Synergistic Actives: Argan Oil, Hairmaxx, Liss Blend, Ojon Oil.
  • How to Use: Apply to damp hair, wait 10 to 15 minutes, glove gently and rinse.

Ultra-Conditioning Mask

RADICAL STRENGTHENING AND REVITALIZATION: Achieve strong and revitalized hair with our Ultra-Conditioning Mask. It fights breakage, stimulates cellular metabolism and revitalizes each strand, while controlling oiliness and regenerating the scalp.

  • Synergistic Actives: Polyquaternium 7, Fiotexx, Blueberry Extract, Cranberry Extract, W25.
  • How to Use: Apply to damp hair, wait 3 minutes, massage gently and rinse.


  • 1Lt Equilibrium Shampoo
  • 1Lt Strength and Flexibility Balm
  • 1Lt Ultra-Conditioning Mask

GET YOURS NOW AND TRANSFORM YOUR HAIR! Don't waste any more time! Get your kit now and give your hair the luxurious treatment it deserves. Your hair transformation starts now!

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