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Infinity Blond + Protect Blond

Shea Butter | Whey Protein | Flaxseed Oil | Omega 3 | Ceramides | Vitamin E

Infinity Blond is an innovative product that does not fade white, red, blonde, or platinum hair. Developed for all hair types, it is a 100% formaldehyde-free product that provides aligned, malleable, shiny, and silky hair. Enriched with an exclusive technology and active ingredients that deeply treat the strands – an intelligent system that promotes the restructuring of the hair fiber – Infinity Blond eliminates hair volume while treating and rebuilding damaged strands due to the passage of time.

COMPATIBILITY: Infinity Blond is compatible with the following procedures, provided the specified minimum interval is observed.

Ammonium Thioglycolate;
Use after 04 months.

Use after 06 months.

Use after 10 days.

Use after 03 months. Note: Do not use on elastic hair.

INCOMPATIBILITY: Infinity Blond is incompatible with hair that has undergone the following procedures: Hair with Henna.

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