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The MY LOVE HAIR BOTOX by Ana Paula Carvalho comes with a bold proposal with a high regenerative power for the strands. It eliminates frizz, restores shine and softness, leaving the hair silky, light, loose, and with a natural appearance. It was developed to extend the straightening effect and restore the strands quickly and healthily. It is the perfect combination of an incredible product associated with a different technique so that our Mainhas achieve a surreal result.

FOR WHAT IT IS USED: My Love is a reconstructive treatment that serves to replenish lost mass and seal the hair cuticle, restoring shine, elasticity, and leaving them shiny, hydrated, and with reduced frizz.

It is suitable for dry and damaged hair because it restructures the strands with the help of substances such as collagen, keratin, and other proteins, leaving the hair more beautiful and healthy.

MAIN ACTIVES: FILCORTEX: It is an active ingredient used in the treatment of fragile and damaged hair, as it acts on the replenishment of amino acids, including glycine and tyrosine, important for the formation of the KAP-GHT protein. Thus, it assists in the recomposition of the hair cortex and increases the volume and resistance of the hair.

ALOE VERA EXTRACT: It has emollient, healing, toning, anti-inflammatory, soothing, lenitive, refreshing, moisturizing, protective, and tissue-restorative action.

SEAWEED EXTRACT: Helps remove dead cells from the scalp and balance oiliness levels, which enhances its anti-dandruff action.

COMPATIBILITY: My Love is compatible with the following procedures, provided that the specified minimum interval is observed.

  • Ammonium Thioglycolate:

    • Use after 4 months.
  • Guanidine:

    • Use after 6 months.
  • Hair Coloring:

    • Use after 10 days.
  • Bleaching:

    • Use after 3 months. Note: Do not use on elastic hair.

INCOMPATIBILITY: My Love is incompatible with hair that has the following
procedures: Henna, Platinum, Pearl, White, and Elastic Hair.

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